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Inclement Weather Policy

While we try our best to work through crazy weather in the valley throughout the year, there are a handful of days where we would prefer to stay indoors like everyone else. Severe winter snowfall, below zero, above 90F, thunderstorms and wind storms are all conditions which may cause cancellation of service. 

Should services be cancelled due to inclement weather, your yard will be cleaned the following week as scheduled. However, 406 Pooper Troopers will not apply credit or refunds for cancelled services since that same poop will be there the following week resulting in us having to do double the work when the time comes and weather has passed. 

Appointment cancellation

You can edit, reschedule, or cancel your appointment at any time prior to 24 hours before your appointment start time by calling us. We do not issue refunds if the appointment is cancelled within 24 hours of the start time.

Adding another dog to the family?

If another dog is added to the family, please update us so we know to update your invoice accordingly. If you are found to have an unexpected furry friend, you will be billed the difference for the services provided. 


All prices listed on our website are based off 1/4 acre lots. Please call us for an accurate estimate if you have anything larger than 1/4 acre.


Yards are subject to on-the-job photography for 406 Pooper Troopers LLC content and marketing purposes (personal property will not be captured). If you would like for our Pooper Troopers to refrain from photographing your yard, please let us know and we will respect your wishes. 

Overdue/ignored payments

Here at 406 Pooper Troopers we try our best to be understanding and patient when it comes to last minute emergencies, etc. that inhibit prompt payment upon due date. However, we too have bills to pay. We give a maximum of 90 days to complete payment (must be requested and agreed upon by both parties). Once 90 days occurs and payment hasn't been received, legal action will be taken. We also have the right to refuse service past 30 days overdue.  

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